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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dear Lucas (12 Weeks),

My baby love we have lasted another week!

As I am writing this you are sleeping in your swing! This makes me do a happy dance inside... You haven't sat in your swing in weeks for longer than 10 minutes let alone take a nap in it. Also you are sleeping during the day!! WOW! I feel like I hit the mommy lottery. You haven't taken longer than a 30 minute nap during the day without me laying down with you in a LONG time. At night you will sleep by yourself like a champ but not during the day.

Today we had quite a busy day and it isn't even 3:00 in the afternoon yet. You hung out in your crib watching your mobile while I straightened up your room. Then I tried dangling a toy in front of you... you didn't just reach out and hold on to it...
you pulled it from me and put it in your mouth. You are one strong little baby!

After that you "helped" me do laundry. I sat you in the basket perched on the dryer while I folded and you just watched me and giggled and laughed at me like we were having our own private conversation.

I turned the dryer to see what you would do. First you looked at me surprised then you started to cry. The only vibrations you seem to like are those from the car. You even hate the vibrations from your bouncy seat.

As I told you "Hold on baby, just let me start a load in the washer" I tried to calm you down. The instant you heard the washer filling with water it balanced out you vibrating on the dryer and all was right in the world. Or maybe you were happy because I told you I found $0.61 in your Daddy's pockets and I was going to put it in your piggy bank.

After that you sat in your seat while I started dinner. It was the first time I've used our crockpot to start a meal in the morning to be ready for dinner that evening. You sat there playing with your toys and got fussy as I was finishing up. In between all of this excitement you helped me take Jadie outside several times and you also nursed on and off. I think you are going threw a growth spurt because you will only nurse for a couple of minutes and then an hour or so later nurse for little bit longer but not much. This has gone on since yesterday. I looked up growth spurts online and 3 months is a time most babies go through it. You are building up my milk supply by nursing so frequently.

You are growing so big and getting so strong and your little hair is starting to fall out. First the baby acne and now you are balding... I didn't think you would have to go through these things until you were much older! I can't wait to see what color your hair grows back and then what color your eyes will be. We have so much to look forward to as you keep on growing and learning and I have to stop and make a mental memory of things that are happening now because I want to remember you sweet and wanting your mommy when you are older and cool and I am older and you don't want to be seen in public with me. I love you now and I will love you then.

Oh and QUIT scratching your face. No matter how many times I cut or file our nails it doesn't seem to help. Each morning you wake up with new scratches and sometimes you draw blood. Scratch me, scratch your dad, just don't scratch yourself! If this is your way of paying us back for poking you in the stomach all night long to see if your tummy is "gushy," please know this is the only way to know if you are crying because you still need to be burped. Your gushiness is the only way we can be sure.


Lisa said...

Hi Gushy tummy. Tell your mommy I love the 12 week letter. I do hope you stop scratching your face.

Lindsay said...

TOO Cute!!!

Lindsay said...

Don't know if a certain brand of drops is better than another, I didn't have to use them with Ean. I do know they work better BEFORE he starts hurting.