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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Success isn't just a type of rice

His toy arch fits the bassinet also. Posted by Picasa

So maybe I am celebrating too early but so far so good with the bassinet thing. LUCAS SLEPT IN THERE ALL NIGHT!! Of course he woke up to eat and get his diaper changed. Even when he would wake up most the time he wouldn't scream he would just hang out. I think a lot has to do with his little cuddle blanket.

I tried to lay him down with out his blanket and he woke without it, or maybe it was the smell. I was frantically trying to find it and couldn't find it anywhere so I asked Curt if he was sitting on it. He told me over and over he wasn't and only got up to prove me wrong.... I quickly scooped it up and placed it next to my sleeping angel. In his sleep he wrapped his arms around it and woke up screaming. I guess he was used to it smelling like his Mommy's skin and not like sweaty Dad butt! Even Curt agreed with me on this one.

I just got it out of the dryer after being washed and everything is again right with the world.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Smelly Dad Butt, that always scares babies.