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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Dear Lucas, (14 Weeks)

What a fun week! You discovered your hands a long time ago but you just discovered that you can control them. All week long you've been using them to really feel things. On Halloween while we were at your Grandparents' I gave you a bottle and you grabbed onto it with both hands and helped me feed you. Now you are always grabbing my hand and pulling it close to you so you can look at it and then you quickly pull it to your mouth and attack! When I bring my face close to yours you always grab my nose and investigate it by squeezing and grabbing.

You love your bath so much and I think it has to do with you being naked and you get to flop your whole body around in the water. Tonight you discovered your knees while splashing and kicking your feet. You would bend your knees and grab on to them with your hands and just feel them. I'm sure it won't be long before you'll be chewing on your toes.

You are nursing less now. You just gulp it down and then you are ready to play. This week you just seem so aware of the world around you. Being able to really control your hands and grab at stuff and pull it to you gives you such a look of accomplishment. You are already establishing your independence.

Now you really only wake up one time at night. I'll nurse you and you will fall right back to sleep and so do I... Sitting in the chair nursing you. This morning you woke me up crying laying on my lap with me still trying to feed you in my sleep. It was like you were saying "Hey mom! I'm full!!! Stop trying to feed me!" I picked you up and laid you back in your crib and you instantly went right back to sleep. As time goes on you are getting better at going to sleep and staying asleep when I lay you down in your crib.

This week your Dad started to play with you even more. He was so tickled when you were laying on his tummy and you decided to show him your rolling over skills. He was very impressed. I was also impressed but also very happy that you chose to roll towards the back of the couch and not the other way and then onto the floor. Jadie didn't even notice. She isn't really interested in you except when there are chances for her to lick your drool... and that doesn't happen when your Dad is around. When you start crying loudly she goes and hides in her box. I'm not sure what she thinks of you. I'm sure when you are older you will be great friends. You already seem to want to play with her. Last night your Daddy was holding you and I was playing with Jadie. Every time I would throw her toy and she would run off to fetch it you would just start to smile and laugh. It was the one of the coolest things you've done so far.
Your nose it a lot better this week. I think it is because you've been sleeping in your room with the cool mist vaporizer going on full blast. It sure isn't because your lazy mom still hasn't dusted every nook and cranny. I am trying though. I vacuum more and try to get rid or some clutter everyday. I blame you that I don't get a lot done. You are just too cute and always talking that I can't resist talking to you and watching you smile and giggle and babble back at me.

You really are a great kid. Your colic has disappeared (KNOCK ON WOOD) but I'm a little scared to go back to dairy and the other foods I know give you gas. The only time when you cry now like we are killing you is when you 1)have gas and I'm trying to feed you 2)have a poop diaper 3)are tired and didn't get enough naps 4)are starving. 5)You have a stuffy nose and I am trying to feed you. I don't think you will be a spoiled baby. You are fine 99% of the time when I give you time to play by yourself (like when I am cooking). My only complaint is YOU ARE STILL TRYING TO SCRATCH YOUR NOSE OFF YOUR FACE! I promise I'm not lying when I tell you it is there to stay. It isn't going anywhere. I've started to swaddle you again when you are attacking your nose and it helps since your arms are kept under the blanket. You also seem to go to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Well I love you and your little scratch and sniff nose. Oh and if your nickname ends up being pooter it isn't my fault. You shouldn't have farted in your bathtub in front of your father.

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TednLisa said...

These letters to Lucas are so cool. I know you are going to be so thankful you have taken the time to write them. I really enjoy readking them, and look forward to the next ones. I wonder want week 52 will say? How about week 104? Colby is almost there and I wish I had weekly letters that I wrote to him.