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Saturday, November 26, 2005


Instead of a Picture Today Here is a Video From Last Night

Tonight I stayed home because Curt's brother Michael came over and I made Chicken Alfredo for dinner (Curt hates white sauce so I never make it when he is home) We just talked, ate dinner, and both fell asleep (him in our comfy chair and Lucas and me on the couch) while watching some thing about the woman who ran over her husband with a car in Texas. He left after I started to get Lucas ready for a bath. After Lucas was in bed I started making "Hampie Cookies" to take with a Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake over to Curt's Dad's house for Thanksgiving.

Today we had the last bit of Thanksgiving Turkey that my Dad sent home with us Thursday night. I think the best part of thanksgiving food is the leftovers and the excuse to eat Cranberries. Today for breakfast I had a PB & cranberry Sandwich... YUMMY! and a turkey sandwich for lunch.

I LOVE the holidays! I think I'm going to start working on our Christmas card.


TednLisa said...

Can't wait to see your card

andrea said...

He is truly his fathers son, If it gets to close it is going in the mouth. Your movie was just like seeing my pookie as a baby. Just beautiful. Thanks

brandi kincaid said...

what are hampie cookies? and if it's PB&J AND cranberries, which side does all of that get spread on?