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Saturday, November 12, 2005

What did I ever do?

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You know how when you are a kid and you do something irresponsible someone always says "I hope you have one just like you!!!" Well I must have blessed my dear parents with many sleepless nights because I just got Lucas to sleep...FINALLY! I feel like I should be sitting outside a carnival tent selling tickets while screaming "Come See the baby that will not sleep!"

He finally went to sleep this morning at 3 AM and woke up every hour after that for about an hour until he decided a little before 10 he was up for the day. No amount of rocking, cuddling, soothing, kissing, stroking, or anything else would convince him to go to sleep until 10:00 PM. I should be sleeping but I think I am so exhausted that sleeping would take too much energy. (We did get to go out to dinner alone last night... thanks Ted and Lisa!)

I was supposed to get together with Brandi tonight. Instead I flaked on her foolishly thinking that Lucas would go to sleep early or at least take a nap and I could close my eyes longer than just to blink. Curt's brother Michael stopped by for a minute and left when Lucas "went to sleep" about 8:00 the second his car pulled out of the driveway he was awake.

Thank goodness that Lindsay was online. She is the only person I know that put her son to sleep in a crib in his own room as a baby. I was able to ask her what she did and get advice from her which was so great. I think I am going to start the whole cry it out thing with trying to get him to sleep. I'm not worried about him sleeping through the night... I can deal with his night time feedings. I even enjoy them. I am having a problem getting him to sleep and having him stay asleep the second I lay him down.

I previously bought The No Cry Sleep Solution thinking that I would try that because it promises teaching your baby how to sleep without letting them shed a tear. The problem I have is it says "just lay your baby down when they are sleepy and they will drift off" ha! They have not met THE BABY THAT WILL NOT SLEEP. He gets his power from being laid in his crib when he appears to be sleepy. He thrives off his parents hopes that he will just drift off and instantly he is wide awake and ready to scream. The book also suggests making all these charts and graphs to figure out the best approach to helping your baby sleep. HA! I can barely remember my own name right now how am I supposed to remember to fill out a chart?!? Instead I think I will be using the pages of that book as ear plugs while Lucas is crying while I try the "Lindsay approach."

Oh maybe this is payback for those late night phone calls that my parents got from the neighbors saying "uhh Kari is standing in our living room" when I would sneak out in the middle of the night almost as soon as I learned to walk.


andrea said...

You Go Lindsay! Kari you are a wonderful mother but there is a time when little Lucas has to stop controling your every move and 3 months is good. There is no reason for him not to be in his own crib at nap time and bed time. I just hope you can make it through the broken heart when you have to listen to him cry. Please let Lindsay help you through it.

Lindsay said...

I have to say it is hard, but well worth the trouble. The "no crying" promises are all bull, Ean was a great baby and he even dried at first. Besides nothing good ever came easy.

Lisa said...

Sorry you want to sell carnival tickets. I wish I knew how to help. I will keep helping with Lucas so you can eve go out for more than 45 minutes. I am going to post pictures of him sometime, probably tomorrow.