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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween from Lucas Pukas

Tonight we met at one of our friends house and had sandwiches and chips before we took the kids trick-or-treating. Just as we sat down to eat I noticed that Lucas was a little cranky but I figured it was because it was close to his normal bed time and because we had such a busy day.

When I put him in his stroller he seemed happy and just sat back and watched everything. I noticed he was a lot quieter then usual but again I thought it was because he was tired and just taking everything in. I was surprised by the amount of candy we got. Lucas poor pumpkin could barely hold all of "his" candy!!! (Oh by the way we actually got trick-or-treaters at our house for the first time in 6 Halloweens!!! Curt handed out all 8 pieces of candy...)

When all the kids started to get fussy (which happened to be just as all the houses slowly turned off their porch lights we headed back) I started to get Lucas stuff together and then all of a sudden he spit up a little bit. As I headed to the kitchen to get a paper towel to wipe it up suddenly he had gone from spitting up to throwing up and before I knew it we were both COVERED!!! I have the best friends. They helped me and Lucas both get cleaned up and in the car and didn't even care that Lucas had thrown up on their carpet. Lucas was also running a fever... so I guess being in the cool night air was helping him to feel a little better but when we got inside he just couldn't take it anymore.
When we got home Curt helped me strip Lucas down and give him a bath. Then he took Lucas and got him dressed while I hopped in the shower (even though I used soap and shampoo I still smell like baby puke, YUCK!) I cuddled him on the couch for a while and he just laid in my lap and the only time he tried to move was to give Jadie a hug when she sat down by him for a while. I'm not sure where Lucas got his yuckies from. I feel like such a horrible mother for ignoring all of his feeling crummy cues because I wanted to take him trick-or-treating for the first time. I just hope he feels better soon and doesn't share his germs with his little buddies.
*One of the other Mom's posted her pictures from the Halloween Party Here if you want to see them. Lucas and I are in several.


angela said...

It's ok you didn't see the signs right away...give yourself credit for what you do do.I bet even though he was felling under the weather he had a blast looking at all the new sights and sounds...And he will LOVE the candy...and jadie will to lol!!!:)

Melissa said...

What a cute little Tigger.

Lindsay said...

Poor guy, that has happened to me, that is the WORST sickness. I am sure he shared it with all of his little friend though. Give him kisses and hugs for us!