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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dear Lucas (66 Weeks),

Last night I had the pleasure of taking you trick-or-treating for the first time. Last year you were barely 3 months old during Halloween and I just couldn't justify taking a newborn out at night to get a few pieces of candy. However, this year I enjoyed taking you from house to house and letting people "ohhh and ahhh" over you AND give us free candy. Can life get any better then this? I should have known you were feeling bad because you actually allowed the "ears" of your costume to stay on your head for a whole five minutes. Just as we came in from trick-or-treating you puked all over your friend's carpet and both of us. I spent last night cuddling you and stroking your hair.

I really hate to see your sick but I feel good when you just want me to hold you and rub your hair and take care of you. Today you slept on and off all day long. We made sure you had plenty of liquids to drink since you didn't have much of an appetite. Since you weren't feeling good we let you bring your paci with you when you got out of your crib after naps.

I could tell you were finally starting to feel a little better as you started to venture off of my lap. Instead of laying with your head pressed up against me you slowly inched your way off my lap until you were standing next to me. It was like you were making sure I would still be there waiting to scoop you up in case you started to feel crummy again.

Every where you look here is no denying that we have a baby in our house. You have a little play area of toys next to the TV in the living room (this is not counting the millions of toys in your room or hiding in the closet so I can rotate them in and out so you don't get tired of your toys all at once) I don't know where all your toys came from but the toy pile just keeps growing.

I could tell you weren't 100% better tonight when you used your baby baseball bat to hit at the ball on the tee instead of at Jadie. When you hit the ball off the tee you will chase after it hitting the ball with the bat. You did swing and smack me in the head tonight (I know it was on purpose because you screamed "OW" right before you did it) so I told you "not nice" and took the bat away. You cried like I was the one that smacked you in the head. Now when you hit us or Jadie with a toy that toy gets a "time out" for a while until you can "play nice." I just hope this whole hitting thing is a phase and that it will die down soon. I don't want you to be the play-group bully (which would be a little bit funny since you are the smallest kid for your age!)

You are constantly picking up our phones and holding them to your ear. You hold the phone there for a few seconds and then hand it to us and we are supposed to put the phone up to our ear while you stare at us. I think you are trying to figure out why we hold this funny thing up to our ear while we talk about random things. Every once in a while we will really be on the phone and you were catch a few words from the person on the other end and look at us like "where did that come from? How come the person that lives in the phone won't talk to me?"

You are at that age now where we have to start being careful with what we say and do in front of you because you try and copy everything we do. Tonight you sat on the floor for ten minutes while you tried to figure out how to put your Daddy's shoes on. You are learning from everything we do and say whether we like it or not. I hope we teach you thinks worth imitating.

Bugga, I love you to the moon and back


1 comment:

angela said...

The copy cat thing only gets worst...if you use bad words now...try to break yourself of that,I went wrong there and I had to break the kids and ourselfs.The hitting...I think it is a boy thing, something you just have to deal with,Hunter loves to hit,and throw his weight around.We took Savannah to the doctor so I weighted Kaliegh and Hunter and well the numbersspoke for them selves Hunter a woping 29lbs and Kaliegh a dantie 26lbs.And let me tell you Hunter uses that weight of his to hit and take toys all the time...I haven't gotten him out of that stage yet.Just be pacient hopefully he dosen't get as brut as Hunter.Don't get me wrong I love my little man so much,but sometimes his bullieness drives me up the freakin' wall.