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Monday, October 23, 2006

Mmmm Mmmm Good!

I had a rough morning hanging out with a tired little boy with a cold that did not want to take a nap. When I would lay him in his crib for him to go to sleep he would stand up, point at the window and say "bye-bye, bye-bye" I just wanted him to take a nap so that I could eat and make a shopping list while I waited for his pediatrician's office to call me back and tell me if there was anything over-the-counter I could give him.

After I got the go ahead that it was safe to give him a little medicine I loaded up the window pointer in the car and just as I pulled out of the drive way to go to the store I get a call from my Mom asking if I could please come sit with my Grandma since she just got called into work. On the way over I stopped by CVS and picked up medicine for Lucas (which turned him into his normal happy less congested self.) By the time I got there it was almost 1PM and I still hadn't had anything to eat (had to eat when you have a sick, clingy toddler who believes that if you love a person, you stay with that person 100 percent of the time.)

I fed and put Lucas to bed and got my Grandma settled and went to find something to eat. My parents keep Healthy Choice dinners on hand for when my sister and I stay with my Grandma so we can all have a quick healthy meal. Just my luck that today only the fish ones were left. I do not eat fish... especially when it is healthy fish. I ended up finding a Stouffer's skillet and decided to cook that especially since all you do is pour it into a skillet, cover, cook for 8 minutes and then it is done.

When I opened the bag and poured in the contents I remember seeing this blank thing in the mixture. My Grandma called asking some question so I didn't investigate it, covered the pan with the lid and left it to cook. It was 2:00 PM when I finally was able to pour what was supposed to be chicken, pasta, and veggies in my bowl. Right as I sat down to eat I realized that the "black thing" I saw earlier was now a cooked dead baby roach.

I threw away what was in my bowl and emptied the rest of the skillet in the trash and called the 800 Number on the back of the Stouffer's package. The customer service rep was very nice but also full of BS. She apologized over and over and told me "I have never heard of ANYONE finding a bug in any of our products before." I find that very hard to believe since people eat from one to two pounds of insects a year without knowing it and the FDA calls them "natural contaminants" that are present and allowed in your food. The Customer Service Rep assured me that the plant manager where the Garlic Roach Chicken Came from would be notified of my complaint and within 7-10 business days my parents will have coupons for 3 free skillet dinners. I ended up finally eating a bowl of soup while I consciously tried not to think about how many insect legs were secretly floating in it.


Mrs. S said...

Wow, hon, I'm sorry! Today does not seem like it went well for you - with the roach being kind of like the cherry on the sundae! Yuck!

I just HAD to come read your post after you put "gross out warning" in my comments - I couldn't stay away!

Lindsay said...

I hate those days when you desperately want to eat and you never seem to be able to. I can't even imagine finding a bug in it being so hungry and taking care of two babies. YIKES- you are so much more patient than I am.