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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Completed Working Out Week 10

This week I've been really bad about eating breakfast or really eat or drink anything before 1 or 2 PM (when Lucas takes a nap.) It is so hard with Lucas being clingy (because of his cold) to remember or have time to eat. When Lucas eats breakfast or lunch I am always trying to get a load of dishes or laundry in our out. Then when he is done there is no way I can eat because he will want what I am eating (this past weekend he sneezed snot and all into Curt's oatmeal) To try and remedy the situation I bought a few of those drinkable yogurts that try and pass themselves off as yummy fruit smoothies. The working out part is going great and while I still can't wear my AE Jeans I bought a few weeks ago out in public (still can't really breathe in them yet) my current clothes fit much looser.

1 comment:

Mrs. S said...

Yay you for keeping at it!! You're going to be able to wear those jeans out of the house before you know it.

I always keep a protein shake-mix and some soy-milk in the house, that way if I'm in a rush I just pour, mix, and drink as I go. Maybe that'll help? I dunno, but you'll figure it out - you're smart like that! :D