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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

To Catch a Cat

Lucas still has his runny nose and congestion but it doesn't stop him from pointing at the door or window and saying "mama bye bye." Now that he actually calls me mama how can I resist not taking him outside. Plus the fresh air and sunshine are good for him.

He was bound and determined to give our outside cat a hug. After several failed attempts he decided to explore our front yard instead.

Too bad pine cones aren't as soft as unhuggable cats.


Mrs. S said...

Wasn't he once smaller than that cat?? ^o.0

Lindsay said...

That sweat suit Lucas has on is sooooo adorable. Like a little man.

angela said...

Oh my gosh!!! To cute I cannot wait to come to GA I will finally be able to play with those cheeks...cute outfit...looks fimilar :)

love you guys

K A R I said...

Thanks Lindsay. It was a handmedown from his cousin Hunter.