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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Completed Working Out Week 13

Even though I haven't been specifically posting about it I am still working out. The last two weeks I haven't been able to go my normal 3-4 times a week. During week 11 I took Lucas trick-or-treating and then he got sick and I got sick and I also went to a Bible Study. Week 12 I went to Bible Study again and then Curt was out of town (I didn't post about it then because I don't think it is smart to tell the whole world wide web that I would be home alone with a baby.) I have also been eating pretty crappy (Milkshakes the day Dre left, Mexican food with Katie on Saturday and then there was Halloween....)

Needless to say this week I had to FORCE myself to get to the gym. (Also my friend Katie is very sick and hasn't been able to go with me the last 2 weeks which makes it that much harder.) I have hit a slump but I'm forcing myself to get back in the swing of things (which is going to be hard with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner) I have been eating breakfast though and I have also been going to bed earlier and getting more sleep. My weigh in day is supposed to be tomorrow but I have Bible Study again and the girl who does the measuring won't be in until Monday so at least I have a few more days. Also with Lucas moving more I've been chasing him more so I think it all will balance out (at least I hope so because lately I just don't feel like I am seeing any results. I just want my baby belly to not be there anymore)

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