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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dear Lucas (68 Weeks),

You had such a busy day today (well week.) Every day you take a few more steps all on your own. I know before long you will no longer be crawling but walking everywhere you go. The determination you have to get this walking thing down is amazing. You will fall and get back up only to fall right back down. Instead of giving up or getting frustrated you just keep on trying. I hope you never lose that drive or discover the fear and doubt that seems to go along with getting older. All that falling and getting back up has made you rather sleepy since some days you are back to your two naps a day routine.
We started our day with story time at the library. I was so excited to take you this morning because now that you feel so confident standing on your own, I knew that you would dance right along with the other kids. Last night we happened to flip the channel to a Dixie Chick Performance and as soon as you heard the music you just got into it and you were feeling the music with your whole body. When I told your Dad to look he made a joke that "he is dancing like that because the only music you let our poor son listen to is that Anti-American Crap." I'm sure as you grow up you will realize that your Dad and I will often dislike certain movies and music because the other one likes it. We are very adult in that way. You didn't get to show off those "anti-American" dance moves this morning because unfortunately for us there was a guest reader who thought that kids should sit still and quiet and not dance or move during music and story time. There is no story time next week because of the Thanksgiving Holiday so you will have to wait two weeks before you can wow all your story time buddies with your dancing.
After story time we headed to lunch with our buddies. I love that we have found friends that work for both of us. After taking a short vacation from eating bananas you have returned to making them disappear in about two seconds flat. The past few days it has been hard to get you to really eat anything "real food" wise because you are cutting your molars.
You are such an active little guy that I couldn't wait to take you to the indoor playground after you finished eating. You must be a big kid trapped in a little kids body. Everywhere the big kids went you had to try and follow them. You had no interest in the toddler section of the playground but wanted to climb, climb, climb.
I think if you could ask for anything for Christmas it would be a gigantic playground slide. You love climbing up the slide and then sliding down so much. Today you climbed all the way up to the very top of the slide. You were up so high that I thought I was going to have to climb up after you. Instead I heard you laughing with delight on your way down. You just amaze me every single day.
I don't care what you end up being when you grow up. I don't care if you make a lot of money or what kind of car you drive or house you live in. The only thing I want is that you have a love for people. If you as a baby is any indication of the type of adult you will be I have nothing to worry about. You are always very open and giving with your hugs and snuggles and are always going from adult to adult and child to child giving hugs. This is the accomplishment that makes me the proudest of you.
If your day wasn't busy enough we also had your 15 month well baby checkup at 4:30 this afternoon. There were a lot of sick kids and the office was so busy we didn't make it out of there until almost 6 PM. Since you only took a 15 minute nap today you were one cranky baby and you just weren't having me hold you and not letting you go "bye bye" and go home. Your Pediatrician is amazing. The second he picked you up you stopped fussing and just let him examine you. When he stretched you out on the examination table to get your length you didn't even move a muscle. The second he handed you back to me you turned back into tired cranky baby. To make matters worse you also got a shot. You now weigh 19 lbs 15 oz and are 29 inches long. Your Pedi said you are doing great. Did I mention you were in the Pinocchio room?
Bugga, I love you to the moon and back,

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Lini said...

Thank you for hanging out with us tofay! We had such a good time :-)