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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Cute? Yes. Cuddly? OK. Worth $50!?!?!?

I bought this little toy for Lucas a few months ago off of eBay for $10. I figured he would like it since he loves his little blanket with a head so much. He never even took it off his toy shelf so I decided to sell it. I was just hoping to make my money back on it and didn't think I would really make a profit off of it. The auction ends in 15 hours but it is currently at $51!!!!!


Tara said...

WHAT?????? I am stunned, I simply have nothing else to say... WOW!!!!

TednLisa said...

Must be one of those toys a kids got attached to and the parents MUST have it.

Lindsay said...

What a good investment, maybe you just have a nack for those kinds of things. It is very cute!