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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dear Lucas (67 weeks),

This week you've done so much I think you have tired yourself out. Yesterday you walked about 10 steps all by yourself when you walked from the dining room closet to the beginning of the living room carpet. Everyday you walk a little further and a little straighter. With all your new physical activity you've also been sleeping more. You are back to taking 3 & 1/2 hour naps which is nice for me but also a little strange since I never no what to expect. Sometimes you want to take a morning nap and sometimes you take it in the afternoon. Today was a morning nap and I made the mistake of waking you up after only and hour to take you to story time and the to the park to play with your friends.

Today during story time you just calmly sat in my lap. You didn't get up to dance around or try and check out the other kids. Then we went to the park next door for a picnic and you didn't even want to eat. All you wanted to do was crawl up in my lap and take a nap. I made the mistake of trying to lay you down on a blanket and you woke right up and weren't too happy about it. For some reason not only were you in a strange mood but so was your hair. No matter how many times I tried to comb it today (or lick my hand and then rub the hair down with my magic mom spit) it would not stay down. If you were a girl I would have put a little bow in it.

Just as we were about to go you perked up while we walked past the swings. The second I slipped your legs through the holes you perked right up. You were even laughing, smiling, and "talking." Lately you've been making your "luller luller" noise again. You always seem to do it whenever you are teething For some reason to make it you have to stick your tongue in and out really fast. I love this little noise and I think you are trying to feel your new teeth coming in with your tongue. After a few minutes of swinging you were done and ready to go home to finish your nap.

You were so sleepy tonight I even had to wake you up to eat dinner. If I hadn't I think you would have kept on sleeping until morning. You are just worn out from all your walking and that fact that your teething. I have been so blessed to have a baby who sleeps more when he is teething (most of the time.) You were so tired you weren't even interested in playing. You kept just laying down on the floor so I set you on the couch and Jadie came to keep you company (meaning to sneak in licks to your face.)

Since the time chance you've been going to bed every night at 6 PM. Tonight since you slept to much this afternoon we tried to keep you up a little bit longer trying to prevent you possibly waking up at 5AM like you did a few mornings ago. You ended up just laying on your Daddy's chest for 45 minutes and he just sat there holding you. You've started to call your Daddy "dada mama" and it makes me smile. Finally at 6:45 we gave in and put you to bed. Today it was so nice for both of us to be reminded of what it feels like to hold a sweet sleeping angel in our arms.

Bugga, I love you to the moon and back,


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