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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Good-byes are Hard

Today Lucas and I had to say goodbye to our friends Dre, Kit, and Micah. They will be moving this weekend to Washington. Even though Dre and I haven't known each other that long (we hung out for the first time in April.) Since Kit and Lucas are only two weeks apart it was so fun watching them grow and change together. When Lucas was going to all his referrals it was so nice to have Dre to talk to because she knew the Doctors we were going to see because she had been to them all before with Micah. I knew somewhat to expect and had another Mom to celebrate with when appointments went well. Plus we both have little peanuts so she we can laugh together at all the comments we get from strangers. I hope they have a safe trip and thank goodness for cell phones and email!

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TednLisa said...

I'm sorry your friends are moving away. I hope you guys keep in touch and let Lucas, Kit and Micah get together later on.