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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dear Lucas (69 weeks),

You have such a big personality for being such a little guy. You are finally showing up on the growth charts (but we've never really been worried once we realized what matters is that you are healthy and happy.) Every day you are imitating us more and more and at the playgroups you follow the older kids around instead hanging out with the babies your own age. Today when your Dad came home from work and took off his STINKY SMELLY work hat you put it on your head and proudly walked around the living room. You always want to put on our hats and shoes instead of your own.
You want to see, touch, and explore everything. There are framed pictures of vehicles that your Grandma Andrea hung in your nursery before you were even born. She wanted to give you something nice to look out (I would have never thought of things like that on my own.) Every morning this week that I've come in to get you I've found you pointing at each picture saying "see! see!" and I will explain what each one is and how many wheels each one has. Today you were so determined to get a closer look you were jumping in your crib to try to get closer.
You have another cold. It seems like as soon as you get rid of one you have picked up another one. I'm pretty sure you get them from going to Backus for Physical and Occupational Therapy even though they are very careful there not to spread germs. After Thanksgiving, the frequency you go to OT & PT is supposed to cut back because of how fast you are progressing. When you are sick you can be clingy at times (which I don't mind.) What drives me crazy is that when you are down on the floor you want to be picked up and then when I pick you up, you want to be put down. Tonight you would climb in your Tonka Truck and then cry because you were in it.
The one thing that seems to cheer you up lately is your silly songs Veggie Tales DVD. It is the only thing you will watch on TV (and you only watch it for about 2 minutes at the most) but you spend the rest of the time playing and bopping to the music in the background. It is so cute to watch you jumping and waving your hands in excitement.
Lately you and Jadie have a strange relationship. She only likes to come near you if you have food stuck somewhere on you or if your nose is running. You are her own personal living lollipop. You used to let her lick you in the face now it annoys you and you are constantly pushing her away and growling at her. The rest of the time she tries to stay away from you because you have been bopping her on the head with random items. I keep showing and telling you how to pet her nicely and you either get mad or want to give her a hug. After being bopped on the head with random things she is in no mood for an energetic squeeze from you so she runs and you get mad at her. I think when you are a little older and stop hitting her on the head with random things (measuring cup, toy hammer, flash light) then you two will be the best of friends again.
You are so nice to your little peach scented baby doll and will give her hugs and show her your toys. I thought it would help you be nice to Jadie and other kids. So far it hasn't helped. This past Tuesday you hit one of your playgroup pals. She is few months older then you and was playing with a toy and didn't want to share with you. She looked at me like every kid does who you hit (who always seems to be older than you by the way) like "hey don't you know he isn't supposed to hit me?!) I know it is a phase that all kids probably go through but I don't want you to be the playgroup bully. I know worrying about this is silly since I can count the amount of times you have hit another child on one hand and still have fingers ready for the next time.
You have always been a climber but lately you've been crawling under things and just hanging out. I guess that means before too long we'll be building forts out of blankets and pillows and I am looking forward to that!
Bugga, I love you to the moon and back!

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