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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Stick it

Today Lucas had another follow-up appointment with his G.I. Doctor. He is doing great (which we knew) and that he is finally on the curve for his age of the growth chart. He is measuring at 3% for both height and weight (meaning 97% of kids his age are bigger than him.) His doctor is glad that finally his height and weight are proportional. He also gave Lucas three stickers to take home (Elmo, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Scoobie Doo.) The stickers made Lucas so happy he kept shuffling them like cards and looking at each one over and over. He didn't even let go of the stickers when he finally passed out on our way home.


Mrs. S said...

Yay for making it onto the charts!

Pamela said...

This photo reminds me so much of Julian. He's done the same thing with the cards the podiatrist gave him at my apppointment. They're of some sort of "Dinosaurs" characters, and whenever I give him one he doesn't want he looks at me with a sideways glance and says "ohhh" like he's sooooo disappointed. :-)

Oh, I don't know why I just noticed this note on your facebook page today?