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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dear Lucas (74 weeks or 17 months or 1 Year and 5 months),

Happy 17 months! Before I became pregnant and got used to counting things in weeks and months I used to think it was stupid when you would ask someone how old their kid was and they would answer you in months. I would think "Just say he is 1 or 2!" Now, here I am a Mom and I am so proud of each day, week, and month that we have gotten through together. You change and grow so fast that I don't know where the last 17 months have gone.

You can now tell us what you want most of the time. You will go to the bathroom and beg for a "bah" and that means you want to play in the bath. If you are hungry you will stand at your highchair with your body hanging off the front of the tray and yelling loudly "uhhp uhhp." If you want something opened you will hold it in front of us and say "ophh" and demand that we open it. You even request for lights to be turned on by frantically pointing and saying "ight!" We know you are tired because you will lay down in the middle of the floor with your baby and paci and stare up at us and wave bye-bye. You will do this ANYWHERE you are tired... like on a nasty sidewalk. It is so nice to know what you want (most of the time) even if you can't always have it right at that minute (which you don't understand that part at all!) Since we can understand you so much more now you become VERY FRUSTRATED during the times we don't quite understand Lucasese which is where the headbanging comes in (which you have stopped for the most part but still do so on soft objects.)
(click to watch)
You have become so independent in some areas especially when it comes time to brush your teeth. You have really gotten into the whole toothbrush thing and every time you see me go to the bathroom you follow me hoping that it is time to brush them again. In the mornings before we go somewhere we stand in the bathroom and brush our teeth together. Sometimes I have to chase you down to get your toothbrush back. I always brush your teeth after you are done just to get any spots you might have missed and luckily you think this is hilarious.

Lately, I've had a hard time at getting you to eat. You have gotten a little bit picky which is normal for this age from what I hear. What you will or won't eat changes from day to day. Usually you hate anything that is placed on your tray. Sometimes I will give you something and you will start chowing down only to toss it on the floor 5 seconds later. Jadie is liking this phase a whole lot more than I am! Speaking of Jadie you've been very sweet to her the past few days. You've only been hugging her and not hitting her. Last night you woke up a million times and would not stay asleep. The only thing that would calm you down was you and Jadie cuddled up together on my lap watching Veggietales. I wish I could have gotten a picture but I knew the second I reached for the camera you would no longer have your arm wrapped around her with you head resting on hers.

The one person that can get you to eat no matter what is your Daddy. Too bad he isn't available for breakfast and lunch most days. If we are sitting down for dinner you will refuse to eat what is on your tray and will want what is on our plates. Here is a secret... it is the same food! If given a choice between your food, my food and your Daddy's food you always go for his. Your Daddy never minds sharing with you but is always asking you to "please don't put your drool fingers in my food" which you never listen to and it makes me smile on the inside.

In order to get you to eat SOMETHING at lunch today we had a picnic in the living room of tomato soup and grilled cheese. You wanted nothing to do with the grilled cheese even after I showed you how you could dip it in the soup. Instead you would fling the cut up grilled cheese squares I made you into the soup and drowned them with your spoon. I am so glad I put the towel down because things got pretty messy but it was worth it because some of the soup made it into your belly.

I know this weeks letter might sound like I think you are a pain in the butt but I don't think that (well not that much anyway) but you are so worth it all. Yes, even when you will not go to bed without me tucking your Veggietales school bus in bed with you even though I know you throw it out of the crib the second I close the door. (I hear the thump and see it on the floor in the morning.) Then there are the times you do something you know you are not supposed to and try to pretend innocence by saying "uh-oh!" All the trouble and frustration is so worth it every time you repeat "Ghank gou" when we are trying to teach you "Thank you" or hearing you say "bubbles" for the first time or watching you kick a ball (which was one of the things that you refused to try at PT last week which started your whole hang banging phase.) You still give the best hugs and I feel so blessed to be here for the tears and the smiles.
Bugga, I love you to the moon and back,

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Mrs. S said...

Tucking the bus in is SO CUTE!!