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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dear Lucas (77 Weeks),

I wish I could just hit the pause button and keep you at this age for a little while longer (remind me next week during your next tantrum that I said this.) This week you've been pretty much tantrum free and acting so "grown up." We went to story time at the library and went to lunch afterwards and you wanted to feed yourself everything (including the yogurt which you flung accidentally EVERYWHERE.) Everything you ate had to be dipped either in your yogurt or your ketchup. You didn't want to drink out of your sippy but wanted your own cup. This afternoon you even climbed up and sat in a chair at the table and ate your cheerios. It didn't bother you one bit that the table came to just about forehead level.
As independent as you are you still want your blanket person when you are tired. When story time is over the Librarian always leaves toys and books out to play with so we always stay for a few extra minutes and let you play. For some reason you had gotten your blanket out of the diaper bag and set it on the floor to go explore. When you came back it was gone and you pitched a fit!! I finally found your blanket sticking out from under a little girl who was sitting on her mom's lap. I politely asked the mom if I could please have your blanket back and she handed it over and pointed at her purse where a pink blanket was peeking out and said "Oh I understand!" The mom sitting next to her said "Oh I do too, my daughter had a kitty cat blanket and she holds it up to her nose and smells it when she is tired." You do the same thing! Lately I have realized you hold the blanket over your nose and smell it over and over and over. I guess there is something comforting about the smell of smelly baby sweat.
You love your kitchen still and I was hoping that it would keep you occupied while I made dinner. Instead it has made you more bound and determined to help me cook and see everything that I am doing. The other night I lifted you up on the counter and let you watch and "help" me but then you reached over and got a big handful of raw hamburger meat and tried to eat it. I stopped you right as the red glob headed to your mouth and washed your hands right away. I guess I need to find a way for you to safely "help" me but for now I'll just keep having your Dad corral you in the living room against your will while I cook (hmm maybe that's why he has been offering to cook more lately.)
You are still really into your Mr.Potatohead and friends. That is the one toy you consistently play with over and over. Usually you just like putting them together and taking them apart but last night you were making them walk around and "hang out" together. I love seeing your imagination develop right before my eyes. You kept getting mad at Jadie when she got to close to them and would push her away. She has never really stolen one of your toys so I'm not sure why you are getting stingy with your toys. I guess it is just that age.
You will put anything on your head like it was a hat, unless of course it is a hat that I put on your head to keep your head warm or keep the sun off of your face. I think your love of "hats" has come from trying on your Daddy's and from Mr.Potatohead. I was surprised that you wanted Mickey Mouse ears at Disney World last week but I made sure you put them on yourself and it was "your idea."
Just so you know when you are a little older and ask for things you should probably ask your Dad first. He is probably more likely than I am to say yes, especially if the question is "can I have ice cream right when I am supposed to be going to bed?" I'm more likely to say "no, maybe tomorrow" and then eat ice cream while you are sleeping and hope you forget about it the next day.
Bugga, I love you to the moon and back,

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Jill said...

Your new camera takes great photos, huh??