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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Congrats Grad

Exactly six months ago Lucas started his physical and occupational therapy. I remember I was so sure that they were going to see how active he was and send us home and tell us he didn't need therapy after all. Looking back at the picture of him from that first day I can see his low muscle tone and how his skin just hung on his body that the doctors and therapist were worried about. It really is remarkable how much he has grown and how far he has come in just 6 months. I remember seeing "failure to thrive" written on one of his medical charts and taking it so personally and thinking that I must have failed him as a mother some how. Monday we found out that he is officially done with PT and OT. He doesn't even need any follow-up appointments. It feels so strange to be done with something that has been such a big part of our life for so long. I almost don't even recognize the little tiny baby in the picture from 6 months ago.
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