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Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

This morning Lucas and I met some of our friends at Soft Play to give the kids a chance to run around. Lucas had a blast like always and enjoyed being out of the house. During the conversation today one of my friends mentioned that her family had eaten at this place in Richmond Hill called 606 East Cafe. I told her that was funny since there used to be a restaurant by that same name downtown a few years ago and that it was high school hangout and all time favorite restaurant. I didn't think it could possibly the same place since I knew the owner had moved to Kentucky.

Well, it turns out the owner moved back and opened 606 East Cafe in Richmond Hill. From the pictures and description online it seems the new 606 has the same ambiance the old one had and that they again have a family section where kids can play with toys and "parents can enjoy their glass of wine and dinner." I can't possibly explain how excited I am about 606! I spent so much time there in high school and college and Curt and I even ate there together a few times.

When I got home today I asked him "What is my favorite restaurant ever?" His response "606 that closed years ago." I was so impressed that he remembered because he isn't the best at remembering stuff like that. I cannot wait to go next Saturday for lunch (Curt promised)! Right now they are only opened Thursday-Saturday but they plan on opening the other days of the week soon (I called and asked.)

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