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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Our First Real Family Day Out

Today has been an amazing Saturday! Curt and I started off the day by dropping Lucas off at my parents' house and going to breakfast. It was the first time that we have gone out without Lucas in over a year (the second time total.) Curt thought it would be fun to take Lucas to the lake and feed the ducks or to the aquarium to see the fish and have a family day. We ended up calling Curt's sister Sam to see if she had Steven this weekend (she did and it turned out our niece Kaliegh was also with her.) We picked Lucas up and a whole car full of bread and headed to Lake Mayer. We took Lucas to the playground while we waited for Sam and the kids.

Curt had never really seen Lucas tackle playground equipment before and was pretty impressed by his no fear attitude. When his cousins got there Lucas raced Steven down the slides (Lucas won) and climbed through the tunnels with Kaliegh.
Since the ducks and geese can be pretty enthusiastic about getting the bread everyone climbed up on a picnic table before any bread was thrown. The birds saw us coming and got in position pretty quickly.

Lucas loved seeing the birds but wasn't really into feeding them.
He was more into feeding himself. See a video HERE

After the last piece of bread was gone we decided to head over to the Aquarium. Lucas of course fell asleep in his car seat just as we pulled into the parking lot. We put him in his stroller in case he wanted to go back to sleep (yeah right!) Kaliegh and Steven both wanted to push the stroller so they each pushed one side.
Curt was having the best time showing Lucas new things. It was so cool so see both of their faces light up. Usually Curt is at work when Lucas and I go out exploring new places.

On the way out of course we had to look at the gift shop. Lucas picked out this little plastic turtle he wanted for 59 cents and I asked Curt if we should get it for him or not (since the kid has more toys than the law should allow) and the next thing I know he is hooking a orange stuffed octopus around Lucas neck. I think he wanted a bright polka dotted reminder or our first real family outing.
Since we had so much fun today, we decided the next time Sam has Steven we should get together and take the kids somewhere together again.


angela said...

Looking at her in these pictures puts tears in my eyes I miss her so much, I am so glad you guys got to spend so time with her before she comes home.

Margie said...

Kari, That is great that you are having famiy time. Our kids are 24 and 27 and we still have family night.