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Monday, January 22, 2007

Work Out Week 23

Tomorrow will mark the completion of 23 weeks of working out. Honestly, by now I thought I be a little closer to my weight loss goal. Initially, I planned on losing at least a pound a week. In reality it has been about a pound every two weeks. (Also I actually gained weight back last month which I blame on the three Thanksgiving dinners in two days that we had.) I was weighed and measured today and I thankfully have lost most of the weight I gained last month and even through my weight gain I continued to lose inches last month and this month.

Even though it might sound like it I'm not down on myself. I am actually proud that I have kept up going to the gym. I do however need to start getting back in the habit of going as much as I did when I first got started. It was also a lot easier a few months ago because one of my best friends was going with me. She has since moved across town and can no longer go to the gym (which is ironic since she is the one that talked me into signing up!)
I've been feeling a little on the lonely side sometimes since she moved too, which is funny since she just lives across town. We hardly talk that much anymore (both just busy) and when we do it is mostly about what is going on with her since things have been going pretty crappy lately. Other than that I guess we don't have much to talk about since our lives are pretty different right now. When we do manage to get together though we have a blast and don't run out of things to talk about it is just the in between times that stink. Thank goodness for my Mom friends or I would have gone crazy by now. I always have a blast hanging out with them and I know someone is always able to get together and hang out. I guess I just wish I had a fellow mom best friend (if that even makes sense.)
Really, I'm not as sad and depressed as this is all sounding. I think I am just PMSing. I am so over this whole my cycle being regular thing. I guess not having a period for two years made me forgot how crazy and hormonal I get around this time of the month (which I will NEVER admit to my dear husband... because then he would use that whole "is it that time of the month?" every time we got into a disagreement.)

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Lindsay said...

All I am going to say is: I feel your pain! I wish we lived closer.