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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I don't usually watch talk shows unless they are talking about something really interesting and valuable (Maury's "Who's my Baby Daddy" anyone?") I happened to see an commercial for today's Oprah show and decided to tune in. The topic of the show was "Every Mother's Dilemma" (working vs staying at home) and it was really interesting.

Growing up I never thought, "hey I want to be a Stay at home mom!" I just knew eventually I wanted to get married and possibly have a couple of kids. When I found out I was pregnant with Lucas, being a SAHM just feel into place. A few of my family members were actually surprised and just assumed that I would be a working mom. Honestly, the reason for first deciding to stay home with Lucas were all monetary. We just didn't see the point of me working to pay for daycare. I'm so glad that things worked out the way they did. I really enjoy being home with Lucas.

Anyway, Oprah got me thinking about what would happen if we had other children. Our plan is for me to go to work at least part time once Lucas starts school. I really want to have another kid and Curt is on the fence about this one. I do NOT want another kid anytime soon though. We both agreed once we have our house and our debt free then we will talk about it. This won't happen for another 3 years. Once we get our house it is quite possible I will HAVE to work to help pay the bills.

I decided today that if I wouldn't be able to stay home with child #2 the first few years then I don't think I want to have anymore kids after all. Saying this let me say I do not think there is anything wrong with being a working mom. I have a lot of respect for them and don't know how they do it! My parents were working parents and they did a wonderful job. I just know that I would feel guilty for being able to stay at home with Lucas and not with imaginary baby #2.

Honestly though, I guess it doesn't make a difference what plans I have for the future anyhow. In our original plan we weren't even going to be parents yet. We still had a year or two before we had our first child, a girl. Who knew that I would love being a "young" mom to an active little boy so much?! I'm so glad that I'm not the one in charge of the universe.


Lindsay said...

I commented the other day and Blogger didn't let me so my comment is: That it is good you want the best for imaginary baby #2 but remember not everything will be equal between Lucas and baby #2- If something doesn't go as "Planned"- it is OK!

K A R I™ said...

You are so right! Thanks for sharing that... that is great advice.

You know what else, not even a day after I posted that I considered taking a job part time at the gym I go to. It would have just been from 4-8PM a few nights a week so Curt could have stayed with Lucas but I decided not to do it after all. I would hate missing out on our family dinners and bedtime. Plus my favorite time of the day is when all three of us are together.

So when are you guys coming to visit?