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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dear Lucas (80 weeks),

Lately everyone that sees you tells me that you are looking more like a toddler and less like a baby each day. You certainly think you are a big boy. Sometimes I wish you came with a pause button or at least a slow down button. You are changing and growing right in front of my eyes. Yes, I realized this would happen when I first signed up for this whole Mommy business but come on kid... don't you think you are growing up a little too fast? I for one do, and I'm your Mom and you are supposed to listen to me... so stop changing so fast. Stay at this age for just a while longer. If you do I promise to not show any embarrassing baby pictures to your girlfriends (I'll just slip them the web address where they can see them for themselves.)
There are times each day when I question how many of my genes you actually got. I would have never guessed a child of mine would LOVE to clean let alone throw tantrums if he couldn't clean. Seriously, sometimes you will throw your body to the floor kicking and screaming if I won't turn the vacuum cleaner on so you can run it across the floor. I wonder at what age you can run the dishwasher, washing machine, and carpet shampooer. Maybe if you are really good these next couple of months for your second birthday we might just get you your very own swiffer mop and let you clean the kitchen floors to your hearts content. You don't just like to clean your surroundings you also love to clean your body. Don't get me wrong, you LOVE to get dirty and You will play in the mud with the best of them. You just seem to love the whole getting clean part just as much if not more. You also throw tantrums in front of the sink so I will boost you up to let you wash your hands. I have a feeling when you get older the only way we can punish you is by Not letting you brush your teeth or withholding baths.
This weekend I think your Dad is making me say goodbye to your wonderful baby curls. Do you know how much I have enjoyed all those times with you sitting on my lap while I comb my fingers through your curls? That is okay if not, I don't think I can count that high either. The plan is to take you to get your first haircut this weekend. Personally, this goes against my whole plan to keep you as a baby for as long as possible. I just know when it is all said and done there will be a very grown up toddler staring back at me. I wonder what you will think of your first hair cut. You enjoy washing your own hair so much I hope you are not disappointed when it is no longer there.
The one thing you haven't outgrown is your need to climb and get into everything. Monday night I came home from the store to find you with a big gash behind your ear. Your Dad explained that he heard you crying and went to investigate and saw you on the other side of the baby gate (we have a baby gate blocking you from going past the dryer where our room and the bathroom is.) Apparently, you had managed to climb over the baby gate and on your way down caught yourself behind the ear. I guess we need to sit down and explain to you that a baby gate is to keep you out of an area, not to give you a personal jungle gym for climbing over and trying to score you very first scar.
You've become quite the pro at eating with a fork. You also now have your very own side of the table. You used to sit right next to me in your highchair but now you sit with your highchair pushed up to the table. Your Dad sits next to you and I sit across from you. The new sitting arrangement seems to make our mealtimes last longer. You sit and eat like you are supposed to instead of getting antsy and throwing your half your food to Jadie and putting the rest on your head.
Sometimes I wish that I could let Jadie watch you while I ran to the store real quick. It would make life a whole lot easier that is for sure. That dog could entertain you all day long. I still laugh out loud every time I am reminded how the only animal sounds you make are dog sounds. You have recently expanded your "growl" and "pant" to include a "dog whine" and "yelp." These are the only animal sounds you make and these are the only sounds you think other animals make.
You have always enjoyed books but once you starting taking off on your own (especially since you could walk) you have less patience to sit and let me read to you. I was starting to miss reading to you when we discovered Sandra Boyton books. You will sit still for me to read her books to you sometimes two or three times in a row. Your favorite book so far is Moo, Baa, La La LA which I find very ironic with you lack of Mooing or Baaing. We now read several times during the day again and have started back bedtime stories. You will stand up in your crib while I read to you and help me turn the pages and when I close the book you lay down and wait for me to cover you up. You have also changed your sleeping hours. You now go to bed around 7 PM and get up by 8 AM. Some kids drop naptime, you drop your sleep at night.
You would have actually put yourself down for a nap today if the side was off of your crib. This afternoon you were actually in the middle of playing with Jadie when you stopped what you were doing and headed with your blanket baby into your room and straight for your crib. I put you in and you laid right down and took a nap. At least we have our love of a good afternoon nap in common.
Bugga, I love you to the moon and back,

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Lisa said...

The vacumn and Jadie tug of war is adorable