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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Meet me at the Sandbox

Today our playgroup made the drive to meet up at the Sandbox. All the kids loved it and all the moms wished there was something like this a little closer to home (well, with a coffee bar added in)

Lucas flying with co-pilot Maeva

Lucas having a bite with Sophie.

Lucas is going to make a fabulous Daddy one day. (Or maybe an older brother in the very, very, very distant future)

Enjoying another meal with Sydney.

Playing trains with Sophie.
Of course Lucas' favorite thing of all was putting a container on his head and pretending it was a hat.
See there were boys in our group. Usually at playgroups Lucas has fun playing with the boys (especially Logan) so I thought it was funny to see him playing with the girls today. (Also notice Lucas at the baby gate, he has become quite the escape artist lately. Today he escaped into a bathroom and was stuck a finger in the toilet and was about to stick it in his mouth when I stopped him just in time.)

*I stole the starred photos from Jill

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