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Friday, February 09, 2007

Forsyth Friday

This morning we met some of Lucas little buddies at the park. The kids ran around and played for two hours.
Lucas still loves to swing.

Part of the time was spend chasing "birdies."

We moms had a great system worked out for the slide! One mom stood at the stairs to make sure no little ones fell off, one sat at the top of the slide to help them get on the slide and I was at the bottom as the official toddler catcher.
I'm don't know what it is about Hannah that Lucas loves so much (okay that came out wrong but I don't know how to say it) Lucas just loves Hannah. He is drawn to her. Whenever we see Hannah, Lucas has to go sit down near her and try to give her a big hug. He also loves to share his snacks with her.
After the park we all headed down to Queeny's for lunch (Brandi introduced me to them when I was pregnant.) Lucas enjoyed a very healthy lunch of ketchup and french fries... and more ketchup. On the way home I turned down some random street and there was Brandi standing by her car so we got to say Hello to her real quick.

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Lini said...

Looks like an awesomely fun day! And the ketchup looks delicious!