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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Story Time Thursdays

Since Wednesday story time is so popular at our local library they have added an additional story time on Thursday. I think we will start going on Thursday from now on. It is nice to have a day to stay in and rest and to get things clean and organized (which never fully happens when you have an 18 month old trashing and scattering everything you just cleaned) between playgroup on Tuesdays and story time Thursdays.

On a side note, since they seem to have rehab for EVERYTHING these days I really wish there was a Paci rehab that I could send Lucas too. I don't know what it is about him still using a pacifier that bugs me so much. I don't bat an eye when I see anyone else's kid (no matter their age) using them but for some reason I just feel like MY KID should not be using one. He used to hand his paci to me when he got up in the mornings. Now he tries to hide it and if he escapes with it out of his room he will literally run away from me if I try and take it from him. I guess it didn't really bother me before because he was just using it at nap times and at bedtime. Now he tries to sneak a suck in all day long. He also doesn't care what brand or type of paci or binky he finds. He is an equal opportunity sucker. He also knows we always have one on us because after story time was over and he was getting a little sleepy he went to the diaper bag and started to get fussy until he got it out. I know any action taken to get rid of the paci will not be fun and I'm not looking forward to it and don't plan on doing anything just yet.


Lindsay said...

Ean had one, well probably until after you came, I don't really remember. It goes in waves, maybe his teeth are bothering him a little more lately. I finally permantely hid both boy's paci's a few months ago. Hopefully when Lucas' disappears he won't be too devastated, whenever that may be.

Stacey said...

OMG, I really know what you mean about expecting something from your own child but not batting an eye, and just really earnestly not being bothered by the same thing in another child. Now that I'm pondering it, I think its because I don't know that other child as well, so I cant know his/her needs and every kid is different.