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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"What Grandma says, Grandma Does"

If you ever need Auto glass for any reason GO TO GLASS MASTERS!!! I spent all day yesterday calling around for the cheapest price to fix my car window. I was surprised by the huge differences. The majority of the places wanted anywhere from $700-$1000+. We decided to go to Glass Masters because it would be $580 (with tax and instillation included!)

We dropped the car off to them last night so I wouldn't have to bring it in this morning and the car was ready by this afternoon. When I went to pay for my car and the sweet women working the counter tells me that she knows she told me it would be $580 but she decided to drop it down to $266!!! That is a $300 discount on top of being WAY cheaper then everyone else! I couldn't believe it!!! They rocked my socks!!


Kirsten said...

That's good to know! Both mine and Jon's windshields are cracked and we've been putting off getting them fixed because of price.

I remember that commercial with the Grandma. Does she really work there?

Alyce said...

man..where is Glass Masters? We had to get our window fixed, but we opted for Grangier Honda dealership..3 hour wait and $$$
Good deal!

Josie said...

Did your insurance company help you out at all? That was really nice of the lady to give you guys such a big discount!

K A R I™ said...

Glass Masters in on the Corner of Derene and Montgomery St.
Our detuctible was too high for insurance.

Jonathan said...

That is awesome! I was so happy for you when I read this post.