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Thursday, August 14, 2008


Since last Friday our Internet only works when it wants to (usually a few random hours everyday.) So far we've had 2 crews come out and check it and the problem is somewhere outside. We're supposed to have a 3rd crew come out on Friday. Customer Service has assured us once the problem is fixed (whenever that is) they will credit our account for the time our service was messed up. So if I don't post as often or it takes me FOREVER to respond to your email, now you know why.


Kirsten said...

I LOATHE Comcast. I was going to use them for our internet service and cable when we moved from our apartment to our house, but they were so inept. I was in tears because they couldn't understand what I was asking for. I didn't think it was that complicated, but it must have been. We ended up getting Directv and using Bell South for our internet. I'm a much happier girl.

Lini said...

What a pain!

TednLisa said...

Hey we had major issues but it was because they were trying to set up their voip and they were filtering all their lines. It took a while for things to straighten out.
If you have seen At&T trucks or contracter trucks around, I bet that is what going on. Ted let them have it and called and called one day until they came out and took the filter off of our line