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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Week 6

Starting Weight: 271.8
Last Week: 258.0
This Week:

Loss this week: 2.6
Total Loss: 16.4
I don't know if I really look that different since none of my friends or family have mentioned anything but I can finally tell by the way my clothes are fitting! I can now wear pants that I haven't worn in years. Pretty soon I'm going to have to list my too big clothes on eBay so I can buy smaller ones!!!
I'm starting to really feel like I can really do this (I know that sounds funny since I've obviously already lost weight but I seriously feel like I am dreaming and this isn't real.)


Charity said...

I am so proud of you Kari! I have really got to get my act together before you really blow me out of the water!! Sorry I haven't mentioned how good you look..I wish we had more time for stuff like that.. We all need it but with the toddler's and babies running around it's hard to find time to pay more attention to each other.. I must do better!! Way to go!

Briana said...

Hey congratulations! I randomly came across your blog but I noticed we both live Georgia and we're both on My Fitness Pal. Way to go! I hope I can become as disciplined as you.

TednLisa said...

Ted said he noticed when he dropped that stuff off to you. I just put more undies in the bag we keep for Lucas. I've been keeping a bag in the front closet for when I find things Lucas might use. Thats what those Tshirts were from that I hope Ted gave you the other day.

Lini said...

You are doing so great, Kari!!!

Kirsten said...

You kick bootay! Go Kari!

The Wheelers said...

Way to go Kari...we'll have to do a shopping outing once we both get closer to where we want to be....Keep it up girlfriend!