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Friday, August 22, 2008


So after almost 2 weeks and 5 different techs coming out to our house (and countless phone calls and 2 emails to Comcast customer service) we are finally able to get online anytime we want. We were also credited $25. I think what finally helped us get things fixed were the 2 emails I sent in. After the emails were sent suddenly I had the Comcast corporate office calling me and moving my appointment up from Thursday to Tuesday and crediting me back the money without me having to call billing and dealing with it myself.

I'm not the only one hating Comcast lately. Turns out Grandma's aren't fond of Comcast and soon people that use a lot of broadband will be jumping on the anti-Comcast wagon.


ComcastCares1 said...

I am glad you are now up and running. Sorry you have to go through that experience with our company.

I'm here to help if you need further assistance.

Mark C.
Comcast Corp.

Ted said...

LOL on the comment

TednLisa said...

It was just me that read your blog. LOL on my comment sig too!