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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lucas' New Roomate

Sometime before Lucas' birthday I entered this contest to win a Kung Fu Panda birthday party pack. Since Lucas' birthday has already come and gone I forgot about the contest until this morning when I was woken up by a Fed EX delivery guy carrying 2 big boxes covered in Panda stickers. I was thinking that the prize would have been things like cups, napkins, and plates, boy was I wrong. Here is a list of just some of the things included inside:
*Activity Place mats
*Gift Bags
*Interactive CD-Roms
*Several Gift Cards for Snapfish (I can finally get all our pictures developed woo hoo)
*Printer Paper
*Party Planning Kit (with suggestions for food, games, and crafts)
*Shrinky dinks for the printer
*Craft packets
*Chinese food takeout containers
*chop sticks
*fortune cookies
*Kung Fu Panda Computer Game
*Kung Fu Panda Soundtrack
*a CD Roms with Digital Photography tips
*A Flash Drive
*and last but not least a GIANT 3 FOOT TALL PANDA!
We opened up the box with the Cardboard panda first and Lucas' mouth drops and he said, "OH MY G-D!" very loudly. He has NEVER said anything like this so I just ignored it because I didn't want it into a "thing" where it is something he repeats on purpose to be naughty. Then when we got to the other box and started pulling everything else he said it again. I calmly explained that we don't say that because it isn't nice. He seemed to understand until more and more stuff kept coming out of the box and he just couldn't help himself anymore (this time clamping his hand over his mouth.) So Lucas has already broken one of the Ten Commandments and it is all because of a big cartoon panda that is "living" in his room for now .


Erin said...

How cool!

Charity said...

"Oh my *od!" (sorry,couldn't resist!) You are always so lucky at winning these things! That is so cool..

Kirsten said...

You do always win things! You should play the lotto!

I'm glad Lucas was excited about his prizes. Sorry he's a little sinner (kidding!). :)

Other Winners said...

Matthew won a tire, I won a tire and Ted won a Carwash. It was at a Bike Show we went to tonight. We kept the carwash but didn't take the tires, since we don't have a motorcycle.