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Monday, September 29, 2008

Living With a Petri Dish with a Potty Mouth

Turns out having a kid is like living with a walking talking petri dish of germs. Lucas gave us both the stomach bug he had all weekend. Hopefully it passes for us as quickly as it did for Lucas (he threw up all day Saturday, and then pooped a lot Sunday and by today he was fine.)

Curt and I started feeling bad about an hour before we would have left to take Lucas to soccer practice. Thank goodness Lucas forgot that it was soccer today because we didn't have to deal with explaining to him that he wouldn't be going.

Instead of working on his soccer skills this afternoon, Lucas practiced his foul language. He was playing with a puzzle that he was having a hard time solving and he got frustrated. He threw the game down and yelled "DAMN IT!" I asked him what he said and he repeated it perfectly for me. I have a feeling he picked up that little gem this weekend when he hung out with his Grandpa H and his Dad while they worked on my car (which they weren't able to fix because it turned out to be a bigger job then they thought. I had to drop it off at the car place to get fixed$!$!$!) I explained to him that we don't use words like that and if he hears that word to say "Please don't say that, it's not nice."


Kirsten said...

I know it's awful, but I think it's hilarious when kids cuss.

Lini said...

I think it's funny when other people's kids do it... ;-)