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Thursday, October 09, 2008


So I gave in and took Lucas to pick out his Halloween costume from the store. I will admit that it was so much fun helping Lucas pick out his icky store bought costume. We actually ended up buying PJs so I guess he'll get lots of use out of it. The second I put the PJs in the buggy he must have stripped his clothes right off because I turned around and he was standing in nothing but a diaper and saying, "Can I pwease try it on Mommy?!?!"


The Wheelers said...

very cute...I had no choice in Kai's costume...my cousin who is soooo anti princess sent her a PINK princess dress complete with tiara...I wanted her to be Annie since it's one of her favorite movies...but Kai's thinks she is Princess Mia from the Princess Diaries movies.

TednLisa said...

thats a pretty cool outfit.