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Monday, October 13, 2008

"Mommy you made the car go BOOM!"

This morning Lucas and I headed out to The Little Jumping Bean to meet our friends. I was running a few minutes later than I would have liked and was more worried about getting to the place quickly than safely. We were almost to our destination when I ran smack into the back of another car. I had looked down for just a second or two and when I looked up the car in front of me had slammed on brakes and I didn't have as much time to react as I should have. Since we weren't traveling that fast and I was able to put my brakes on (just not quick enough) I basically just tapped the other car. I was completely embarrassed since it was TOTALLY MY FAULT!

The other driver pulled off and I followed too. I kept apologizing over and over and she seemed really cool about it since there was no damage to her car (and just a little to my front end.) She suggested I go ahead and call the cops, which I did. Then when I had my back to her getting Lucas out of the car she hopped in her car and sped away (she didn't have a tag on her car, which is why I think she took off.) I was left standing on the sidewalk with Lucas who kept talking about how I made the car go "boom!"

While I was waiting for the police to show up I called Curt and told him what happened. I thought he might have been mad (I think I might have been in the situation was reversed) but he ended up being more worried then anything. Even though I told him we were fine he left work anyway and arrived right after the police did. Once the officer got all the info he needed we were free to go. Since I was the one at fault I was supposed to get a ticket, but since the other driver was nowhere to be found, no ticket for me! Curt ended up sending Lucas and I to our play date in his car and took my car over to his Dad's. He was able to "fix" most of the damage with a pair of pliers. I got a HUGE wake up call today that I need to be a much more cautious driver, especially when I have such precious cargo in the backseat.


TednLisa said...

Wow that fix is awesome! That is saved money too!

Kirsten said...

I'm glad you and Lucas are okay (and that Curt was so nice about things!). I'm sure it was a very exciting time for Lucas!

I've been getting a little "speedy" lately and I will take your accident to heart and learn a lesson from it. I think our new motto should be "Better slow and safe than sorry!"

Charity said...

We've all had our fender benders.. Glad everyone was okay!