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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lucas' First Pumpkin Carving Experience

Yesterday was so beautiful outside that Lucas and I decided to carve his pumpkin on the front porch.

He took planning what his pumpkin was going to look like very seriously.... he choose triangles over circles for the eyes and nose because "my no looks like a triangle, make it a triangle nose"

He wasn't fond of the way the pumpkin smelled, "Eww it stinks in there! It smells like Daddy's socks!" (These days everything stinks, and always smells like Daddy's socks)

When I told him we had to scoop out the insides he kind of started down there like "uhhh are you crazy, you want me to stick my hands in there?!?!"

After seeing me stick my hand in the pumpkin a few times Lucas finally decided to give it a go.

When he finally stuck his hand in the pumpkin and grabbed a handful of the insides he wasn't a fan of the squishiness, (this from the kid that used to play in his own poop.)

So I cleaned out the rest of the pumpkin while Lucas "supervised" until it was time to pull out the cut out parts.

"Look Mommy, he has a mouth LIKE ME!"
The Sunlight gave us a preview of what the pumpkin would look like at night.
Lucas was VERY proud of the pumpkin that we made.
He loved that the top fit right back on the top.
Tonight he got to see the pumpkin lit up before bed and he thought it was very neat.


The Wheelers said...

very cool. Kai is going to carve her pumpkin tonight at a friends house (they have a garage that we can just spray out the mess vs. my kitchen) :)

Kirsten said...

That's really neat how the sun made it look like it was lit up.