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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Church Training

For the last week Lucas has been carrying around a page from a toy store ad to make sure we know that he REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, wants a train table for Christmas. All he talks about is trains and even when he doesn't have any trains at his disposal to play with he makes them out of other things.

Today he ended up being the only kid in his class at church. He didn't want to go to the bigger kids class so one of the teachers stayed with him in his class so he could play with play-doh. When I came to pick him up the teacher showed me the Christmas tree he had made as well as a little Jadie look alike dog and presents. She told me that he had the little dog open all the presents. Guess what was inside EVERY present the play-doh dog opened.... that's right trains.

After church we met my family at my parents' house and had lunch. My mom asked Lucas if he had learned about Jesus at church. Without skipping a beat "No I didn't. I learned about trains!"

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Amber said...

It must be in the air, lol, we are COMPLETELY obsessed with trains here too! LOL at his comment! I'm so sorry he ended up alone! I'm glad I took them to the Dr though they needed to go and they close at 11 on Sundays.