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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Train Obsession

For some reason or another we have never been to the Roundhouse Railroad Museum even though we only live minutes away. So today I suggested our playgroup pack up our kiddos and head out to look at some trains. I think Lucas has found his new favorite hangout and it involves his new favorite obsession. The kid has always loved trains but the last few weeks he has become OBSESSED!!! All he wants to do is play with his train sets or watch his Train movie (while playing with his trains!)
He thought it was so cool to see a real live roundhouse and turntable just like his toy at home. He also loved playing on the kids train the had train books and puzzles inside.
One of the coolest parts of the museum was the model train set up to look like downtown Savannah. Lucas wanted to badly to play with the trains and the model city. He didn't understand they were not toys and kept begging me to please unlock the cases. When that didn't work he took my keys and actually tired to open the locks with our car key and house key!
We wrapped up our visit in the gift shop where the kids played with the train table. The gift shop was really neat and had just about everything a little train lover would want. Now I know where to go Christmas shopping.


The Wheelers said...

I saw something briefly on the news about them bringing back a trolley car to ride on river street....might be something fun to do with them.

K A R I™ said...

really? That's cool! When I was at AASU SEVERAL years ago for one of my classes I had to go stand down at River Street and at the Visitor's center to poll people if they would ride a trolley car or not. So they have been working on the project to get it up and running for quite a while.