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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dear Lucas (41 Months),

I can't believe that Christmas is over already. This year has been my favorite Christmas yet because you were so excited. You loved absolutely everything about Christmas from the lights to wrapping presents to putting money in the salvation army kettles. I tried to make sure this Christmas was lots of fun. We baked cookies together, visited Santa, rode the Christmas Train at the mall, and I took you Christmas shopping with me to pick out presents for our family. When you are an adult I hope you have as many wonderful memories about your childhood Christmases as I do.
Let's be honest, you are three, and the thing I think you were the most excited about this Christmas was all the presents you got. I am so happy that Santa was able to come through for you and get you the train table you wanted to badly. We finally let you get out of bed at 6AM (you wanted to get up MUCH earlier but we made you go back to sleep) and you couldn't believe your eyes when you saw the table. You played trains on that thing from 6AM until Noon when we made you stop so we could get ready to go to your cousins' house.
You are really into trains right now (if you couldn't guess.) Right now our favorite place to go is the Roundhouse. You love looking at all the trains and pretending that you are a train conductor. Your Dad really wants to take you on a real train ride one day soon. Every single thing Santa brought you this year had something to do with trains. Not only did he bring you the train table but also trains, books about trains, train stickers, and even a sweatshirt with trains across the front (although I don't know when you will get a chance to wear it. This past week or so it has been unseasonable warm.)
Another one of the presents you like is your very only kid laptop. It has 30 games on it using letters, numbers, shapes, and music. You figured out right away how to do the mouse and before I knew it you were picking out letters and numbers and choosing which shape didn't match. I just know you are going to love school. If things work out you might even be going to Pre-K in the fall.
One thing we're doing to try to get you ready for "big boy school" is encourage you to leave your lovey in the bed when you get up for the morning. After we explained to you that you won't be able to take your baby with you when you go to school in a few months you were fine with leaving him in your bed. (Plus lately you've been losing your baby throughout the day and everyone, including you were getting frustrated with always having to stop what we were doing to go find a baby.) I'm glad you still sleep with baby though, because I'm not ready for you to give him up completely (as silly as that may sound.) Now to get you to be potty trained.....

You've been playing nicer with Jadie lately. It could be because we've put up all toys the could be used as a weapon to hit Jadie (bats, toy hammers, foam swords.) It's not like you are trying to inflict pain you just like to randomly hit things and since Jadie doesn't say "ouch that hurts" you don't seem to understand you shouldn't go around whacking her with things... or maybe you do now. Anyway, I'm just glad you are being nicer to her. She has been coming in each night during story time to give you goodnight kisses and this always makes you giggle.
Love you the the moon and back,


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