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Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm Raising a Little Houdini

Ever since Lucas learned to open his bedroom door a few weeks ago he is hardly sleeping. Curt will get up for work at 5:30AM only to find Lucas laying on the couch watching TV or like last night he will wake up 4 times during the night... which means I wake up 4 times during the night. This morning we were supposed to playgroup and make Christmas crafts and share freshly baked cookies... but since Lucas and I were up most of the night we ended up sleeping in and didn't get to go.

Any other morning Lucas would have been up before the sun came up so I never set my alarm. The plan was to get up, make cookies, and then go hang out with our friends. Lucas was so excited to make Cookies and decorate them we just decided to make them anyway and he had a lot of fun. Curt was pleasantly surprised to come home to freshly baked cookies since he is always complaining that I am always making things to take to parties or playgroups and never for him.
Lucas and I had plans to go to the mall and meet up with some friends to have dinner and ride the Christmas train and go to soft play. On the way there I am driving down the highway and when I look in my rear view mirror to see if I can safely change lanes I see Lucas with his back to me waving out the back window to other cars. Turns out tonight he figured out how to escape from his car seat. After I got him belted back in I spent the rest of the ride to the mall lecturing him about why he needs to stay bucked. I know it wasn't just a fluke that he got his belts undone either because when I parked and got out of the car to let him out he had already unbuckled himself again........

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