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Monday, December 22, 2008

Our 4th Annual Christmas Lights Adventure

Tonight Lucas and I set out to make our annual trip to see Christmas lights on Gordonston Avenue. On the way there Lucas feel asleep and I had the HARDEST time waking him up. He woke up grumpy and hungry. I got him a cup of hot chocolate (he said it was too hot, it wasn't) and then he got in line to sit on Santa's lap. He wouldn't even look at Santa. So Santa asked if he was scared of him, and Lucas shook his head "no" then he asked if he was just tired and grumpy and Lucas shook his head "yes."
Determined NOT to let that grumpiness ruin our plans we got back in the car and went down the block to McDonald's. Lucas gulped down some food and we went back and he was a brand new kid.
He was so excited to see the lights and then he ran into his friends Maddie and Jack. In the middle of running around with his friends he discovered his favorite decoration ever... a giant train made out of Christmas lights.
Lucas would leave the train for a minute or two to look at the other decorations but would always return back to the train where he spent most of the night. He ended up calling the train his train and he would told me he was the "ductor." He would stand behind the train display and yell "all aboard" and get so excited when other kids would walk up. He even pretended to give them tickets and would get so excited when some of the kids would stand with him and "ride" the train with him.
Lucas was having such an amazing time that even after an staying for over an hour I had a hard time convincing him it was time to go home. By that time his hands were ice cold and his nose was bright red. I finally talked him into leaving the train to go donate money to the Salvation Army and visit Santa again.
This time he talked to Santa and actually responded when Santa asked what he wanted for Christmas... and did he say anything to do with trains?!?! NO! He said he wanted a motorcycle... because that's what the big kid in front of him told Santa that he wanted. He gave Santa a big hug and then agreed to go to the car when I asked if he wanted to go with me to the store to get a Christmas present for his Daddy. After getting lost downtown for a while we ended up making it to the store and getting home a little before 11!!!!

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