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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Maybe We Should Have Named Him Dennis

This morning we woke up to find our house "redecorated" again. This time Lucas used things from on TOP of our fridge... Even after spankings and time outs he still thought his mess was HILARIOUS and was even rolling his eyes.... until all of his trains got taken away.
It took a few hours to get it all cleaned up because I made Lucas do most of the work. He kept trying to talk me into helping him by saying things like, "Please, help me clean! You are a great helper mommy, I know you can do it!" Too bad it didn't work. However, I did do the vacuuming. Lucas was having a little too much fun and I started to think he might be pouring things on the carpets just because he thinks it is great fun to vacuum them up. The whole time I was vacuuming he was screaming loudly "BUT I WANT TO VACUUM, IT'S MY TURN NOT YOUR TURN!!!"

Side Walk Chalk
Rainbow Sprinkles, Elmer's Glue, Chalk,
Greek Seasoning, Glue, Carpet Cleaner (oh the irony) and Cheese


The Wheelers said...

oh Kari, good for you having him clean it up...I think I may have just strangled Kai....so far she stays put in her bed til' we come get her when she calls for us...I hope that doesn't change :)

Briana said...

Now that both my girls are up and walking... I'm just waiting to find things like that... oh joy!