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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Three Year Old Logic

After the mess yesterday I put both of Lucas' train sets in timeout and he has been begging for them back. Yesterday he tried to talk me into giving them back by saying "I'm not your messer anymore. PROMISE." I told him he needed to show us that he could behave and earn them back. This of course led to crying and Lucas yelling ,"I AM BEHAVING! GIVE ME MY TRAIN NOW MOMMY!" I still wouldn't budge.
Today we got home from church and I told Lucas is he took a nap he could earn one train set back. He immediately ran to his bedroom, laid down in bed, and closed his eyes. Not two seconds later he was standing in front of me saying "Ok, I napped. TRAINS please!" This went on a few times until I explained to him that he had to go to sleep for real. He finally gave up and crawled into bed and went to sleep. About two hours later he bolted awake and started yelling "Did I real sleep? Did I real sleep?" as he ran out of his room and was happily reunited with one train set.

1 comment:

Stacey said...

Aaaaw that is so sweet, I'm glad he earned one back! Good job Lucas!