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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

When I Grow Up....

This morning I was fooling around with iTUNES creating a new play list for my new iPOD when I realized I had an episode of the History Channel's Extreme Trains downloaded on our computer. I must have downloaded it by accident but I am sure glad I did. I turned it on and it was all about Coal Trains and Lucas was instantly hooked. He watched the WHOLE show from beginning to end while he repeated a bunch of new Train lingo. When it was all over he ran up to me (I was folding laundry) and excitedly told me, "Mommy, I want to be a Train Engineer!!!"
I know people don't always grow up to be what they dreamed of being as kids (because then I would be a bikini wearing pirate, the dream job I wrote about in first grade) but it is still fun watching him learn and be so excited about something. Besides, you never know.... Now I just have to remember to record Lucas' favorite new show every Tuesday at 10PM.


Charity said...

I love that! So much better than watching Thomas the Train over and over!

The Wheelers said...

I agree...did you make it to the Model Train show this past weekend??? I saw it on southernmamas or somewhere and thought of Lucas but it had already passed? I was just talking about the what will Kai and Lane be when they grow up with my dad b/c my nephew is obsessed with trucks/big rigs/tractors and knows things I have no clue about so I'm curious to see if he does something in that field.