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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Fingers Crossed

Tonight we took Lucas to an open house for a school that we were thinking about sending Lucas to next year for pre-k (that is if he gets randomly picked.) We got to see what a typical classroom looked like and talk to some of the teachers and parents. Lucas was so excited to go see a "big boy school" that he could hardly stand the ride there.

When we got in the classroom he was actually shy for the first few minutes (which is SO NOT Lucas.) He warmed up pretty quickly though, especially after seeing three of his friends from playgroup there. When it was time to leave he did not want to go. We had to carry him out of the building. He actually told us, "Go with out me! I want to go back to MY class!" It also took me several tries to get him in the car because he grabbed onto the door of the car and would not let go. He wants to go to school so badly that I hope he gets picked to go there next year.


Kirsten said...

I hope he gets picked, too! It's great that he's so excited about starting school.

What's the public school in your area that he would attend if not selected?

K A R I™ said...

Well Pre-K isn't required in GA. We can also apply (which we are) to two more schools (Pooler Elm, and Bloomingdaale)but they also do the lottery process, so there is still a big chance he won't get picked for anywhere.

It seems like about half my friends that have tried to get into prek about half get picked. Not every school has pre-k so the ones that do have a small number of spots.

Also, if he gets in to prek at Pooler or Bloomingdale he can only go there for Pre-K and then he has to leave all his new friends behind and go to West Chatham for Kindergarten. If he goes to CEMCS he gets to stay there for his whole elm school career.

HA HA, more then you wanted to know?

Charity said...

have you check the YMCA in Pooler, apparently they don't use the lottery system, you just have to get on a list..

K A R I™ said...

Thanks Charity, I'll check on that. I still hope he gets into the charter school though so he can stay with his prek friends through elem school but if he doesn't get in, the YMCA would be better than him not getting to go to PreK at all.

The Wheelers said...

PreK at Pooler registration is March 11th I think and it's a first come first serve thing she told me....it's all day and part of the free program...I was just annoyed they wouldn't let me see the class during the day to see it in session :( I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that he gets into CEMCS

Stacey said...

Good luck Kari, I hope it works out! Sounds like an awesome school! (Lucas will be fine at every school, no worries with this guy) xoxo

Josie said...

I'm glad Lucas is so ready for school! Do you do any learning activities with him at home to get him ready?