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Saturday, March 07, 2009

3 AM Wake-Up Call

While most people are cuddled up in their beds snoozing away right now, I am not. Instead I am watching cartoons with Lucas and an orange bowl.

I got woken up at 3AM when Lucas tried to crawl in between me and Curt. I woke up just enough to tell him to go back to his bed. Normally all I have to do is tell him once and he will head back to his room and go back to sleep. Well, this time he was still trying to crawl in bed with us and I started to notice this funky puke smell. At first I just thought it was his lovey, that often smells FUNKY (especially since we don't get to change it out as often, since his 2 spare babies have seem to have gone missing) so I threw it across the room. I know mother of the year right. Well then I noticed that the smell was also coming from Lucas. I asked him if he had thrown up in his room and he said he had.

When I got to his room I was greeted by the familiar funky smell and lets just say it will be a LONG time before I can eat hot dogs again. His bed was COVERED in puke. I started Lucas a warm bubble bath and I got to work at stripping his bed and starting a load of laundry. Before I could finish cleaning up the puke in his room Lucas was ready to get out of the bath. I wrapped him in a towel and laid him on the couch. Then I started to hear Lucas gagging again and I went running for something for him to puke in and made it just in time. One of the worst things in the world is watching Lucas' while he pukes.

I ended up making Lucas a pallet in the floor and he is now cuddled up in blankets and watching cartoons with his orange bowl beside him. He keeps begging for a drink of water and makes the saddest face when I tell him I can't give him one right now.

I am hoping that maybe the puking is a fluke and he hasn't caught the flu that seems to be going around. I don't think we've been around anyone that has had it, but I guess you never know. Lucas was around two of his friends today, so I hope he doesn't share the pukies with them. In a few hours we are supposed to be spending time with Curt's Grandparents from Michigan. They are on their way back to Michigan after a visit to Florida and will only be here for about a day.


Stacey said...

Oh man, poor little guy. Nothing like waking up to puke...lets hope it got out all the yuckies, no flu to follow.

The Wheelers said...

hope he's better soon...Kai got it just before Kenny came home and it lasted about 12 hrs....but when I got it it stuck around for about 36 hours :( Here's hoping Lucas recovers quickly so he can go to the park on monday!!!!

Kirsten said...

Maybe it was the hot dogs. They make me puke, which makes me very sad since I used to LOVE hot dogs.