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Monday, March 16, 2009

Completely Mortified

Just a few minutes ago my friend from church called and asked if I could do a favor for her and look up a phone number online. No big deal right. So I go in the living room and wait for my computer to turn on. While I am doing this Curt is checking his email on his laptop. All of a sudden this LOUD cartoon noise comes on and it is CLEAR as day that it is a dirty cartoon from what is being said. Lovely things like "who's your Daddy," are blaring from the computer, which OF COURSE Lucas is copying loudly in the background. Curt is trying EVERYTHING to get the thing to turn off but nothing worked.

Turns out his uncle had sent him an email with a link to this funny video that he "just had to see," and didn't give him any heads up like "Hey, don't watch when your kid is around" (which Lucas didn't see, he just HEARD.) Turns out the "funny video" was Donald Duck "getting pleasured."


Charity said...

Oh the questions to come!!

Kirsten said...

Too funny! It would only have been better if it was your 'reacher from church calling!

Kirsten said...

I meant to write "preacher."