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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Go Away Sickies!

Last night Lucas woke up and was BURNING up with a fever. He asked for a drink of water and fell right back to sleep. He woke me up this morning and was still burning up. He told me he was hungry and wanted to eat breakfast. I was a little worried that he might do a repeat of Saturday so I told him that if he could keep down water for a little bit then I would make him breakfast. He seemed fine with this and after a drink, he laid back down and fell asleep in my bed. I curled up next to him and before I knew it I was fast asleep too.

We woke up to Jadie barking and when I looked at what time it was I was so surprised to see that is was noon! Lucas still had a mild fever but seemed okay. I made him something to eat and he spent all day ON ME. If I was sitting in a chair he had to be sitting ON ME. If I had to go to the bathroom he had to go with me and lean on me.

When Curt got home I headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I took my time going up and down each aisle. When I walked in the door I found Lucas curled up on the couch with Curt and he was fast asleep. He had only been up for four hours AFTER sleeping for more than 14 hours the night before!

He woke up after we finished dinner and ate a little bit and watched the Wiggles OVER and OVER before curling up on the couch and almost falling asleep at 9. I took this as my cue to put him to bed. His fever finally seemed to be gone and he didn't want to go to bed and kept coming out of his room. This prompted us to have the same conversation OVER and OVER.

"Go back to bed Lucas"
"BUT MOM..."
"BUT MOM..."
"I love you."
"I love you. BED!"

He would go lay in bed again and then come out of his room again just a few minutes later. He finally fell asleep around 10PM and with all the rest he got today I am guessing he will be up BRIGHT and early in the morning.


Stacey said...

At least the fever fought it off quickly. Little kids' immune systems can be so amazing.

The Wheelers said...

hope he didn't get you up too early today...

angela said...

Poor little guy!!!Nothing I hate more than seeing a sick baby