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Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's Time for VeggieTales..... and a Change of Subject

The very first characters Lucas ever fell in love with were Bob & Larry from VeggieTales. There names were some of his very first words! So when I heard a few weeks ago that they would be making an appearance at a local bookstore I knew I just HAD to take him.

He was just over the moon!

I thought it was funny that they were wearing name tags that had their names on them, "Bob" and "Larry."

I thought Lucas would be all about Larry because it is Larry that gets to be a pirate and a super hero. Turns out though he has a soft spot for Bob. He kept running over and hugging Bob and showing Bob his "look what I can do tricks." Before we left he had to go find Bob to tell him goodbye.

Right as we walked out of the door Lucas was handed a free pirate hat and a blow up pirate sword, and at that moment I became the coolest Mommy in the world.

When we got in the car my "cool mom status" was threatened when Lucas asked, "that was really cool! Moomy, how come on TV they don't have arms and legs but today they do?"

And what was my response you might ask, "Wow, so you got a cool new pirate sword huh. Let's hurry up and get out of here so we can go blow it up and you can go whack things."


angela said...

That's awsome...I remember the veggie tales...

Stacey said...

nice save!! sweet :)

Lindsay said...

What a little genius!!! Mine are perseptive but I don't know if they would have caught that one!!! I agree nice save!!

Lini said...

cute! the abiltity to quickly change the subject is a very important parenting tool! that and bribery...